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Aming to become the first real estate partner of the public and private sector along with the property owners to reach better properties aspects.
Rekaz Group is an Emarati group specialized in management, investment and property development within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We, in Rekaz Group, aim to continuously add value and develop the real estate industry within the UAE and the Gulf. We mean it. We do this by continuously surveying our customers, the real estate market and by attending the various technology venues in the region. Also, we continuously aim to simplify our procedures in the management and investments of properties and facilities.
To sum up, we are one team, and we do listen to our customers and their feedback to reach a better property.

Professional Property Management

Real estate services:

Rekaz proved its ability to control realty in all aspects, which increased the rent income, and in modern ways. Which place Rekaz in the first rank in the realm of real estate.

  • Advising on and managing real estate investments.
  • Property management (Selling, buying, leasing and real estate brokerage).
  • Effective market analysis.
  • Managing properties marketing.
  • Appraising properties values.
  • Providing and assisting in providing mortgage’s services (Sharia-complainant).
  • Assessing properties engineering wise, financially and managerially to provide reports to the owner.
  • Preparing feasibility studies for new and existing real estate projects.
  • Diversification of operating methods (Rent, marketing, services…) for the stability of annual income.
  • Time lined Marketing and rent plans to insure the swiftness of operation.
  • Real estate increase of value consultancy in synch with the market.
  • Insure the realty longevity by resorting to a professional facility management, to decrease cost and increase operation ratio.
  • Commercially market the owner’s realty.

Rekaz Real Estate (One of Rekaz global investment companies) has futuristic vision that aim to get real estate management and brokerage to maximum extent. Looking after the tenant and insuring income flow stability by inventing multiple collection methods is the goal of the owner.

Therefore financial stability can flourish if:

  • Constant communication between owner and the realty manager.
  • Conduct studies and consultancies to market the realty (naming, milestones, Population).
  • Pricing the realty according to services and market studies.
  • Managing the renting, selling, buying, and investing process and update the owners and tenants status.
  • Insure the tenant’s ability to keep futuristic commitments.
  • Diversify the rent collection methods, legal follow ups.
  • Stay up to date with changes in the real estate legal system in the emirate.
  • Come up with new real estate investment applications, to stay up to date with economic changes (Expo 2020).
  • Provide updated statistical studies of the status of the market to reach real estate fore.
  • Conduct studies and consultancies on development and maintenance feasibility, and on technological services increase.

Legal Services:

  • Providing legal consulting in real estate and procedural aspects.
  • Legal representation for our clients for their real estate related matters.
  • Preparing the needed contracts for our clients to facilitate their real estate business.
  • Follow up for our clients’ legal and procedural matters.

Engineering services:

  • Assessing properties in terms of its technical standing (engineering wise) to provide technical reports to the owners.
  • Handing over the properties from the developer to the owner while providing 1,5 or 10 years warranty.
  • Developing feasibility studies for maintenance, development and new services to optimize operating costs.
  • Planning and performing all maintenance operations ( preventive, periodic, corrective) to assure the continuous operation of the property and to optimize maintenance costs.
  • Periodic engineering inspections to assure that the property is kept in a very good shape.
  • Express engineering service team (for emergencies).

Total Facility Management

Facility Environmental and Community services
Rekaz has long experience and knowledge of servicing any facility it has come across. Selected services have shown the important impact on facilities which is a key factor in most real estate marketing techniques. Therefore, proudly mention:
Rekaz Facility & Environment management services:
1.   Business center and lobby
2.   Internal and external cleaning
3.   Safety and security attendants.
4.   Soft landscaping and natural view.
5.   Gym, pool and play-ground guards
6.   Parking managements & solutions
7.   The art of dealing with the public and residents. 
8.   Support events, concerts and meetings. 
9.   Service to communicate with customers around the clock.

General engineering consultancies sustainability:
1. Consulting and evaluation engineering cases.
2. Receiving and delivery Real Estate assets.
3. Engineering Consultation to Maintain assets.
4. Water & Energy Management.
5. Green Materials Management.
      MEP Engineering Services
Rekaz Management & Operation Facilities services are typically offered in the areas of Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing Hard Services, as follows: The combined professional expertise of our staff covers a wide spectrum of specialized knowledge. This includes projects located on Sharjah High-rise buildings, as well as offices, schools, hospitals, mosques, computer & data centers, manufacturing and distribution.
1.   Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems (Installation & Maintenance), HVAC new systems commissioning, exhaust Systems, outside air pre-treatment and dehumidification, Heat Recovery Systems.
2.   Central plant real operation (for energy saving) & maintenance, chilled water systems, pool de-humidification.
3.   MEP systems evaluation & re-commissioning, Field investigation and documentation of existing MEP systems.
     Electrical engineering and electromechanical:
1.   Analysing and implementation of internal and external lighting projects, lighting parks, mosques, government buildings, ..
2.   Analysing and implementation and maintenance of air conditioners and chillers.
3.   Analysing and implementation, installation and maintenance of water and fire pumps.
4.   Consulting in saving energy and reducing consumption.
5.   Generators Maintenance.
6.   Emergency maintenance team 247.
1.    Domestic cold and hot water systems, domestic or booster water monitoring system
2.    Chilled water system( open & closed circuit) 
3.    Domestic waste and vent systems, storm water systems
     Landscape Architecture:
1.    Management and implementation of infrastructure for irrigation and automatic watering for towers and farms and closed environments.
2.    A comprehensive study of soil types appropriate for different types of implant.
3.    Study and implementation of the injection plant nutrients work through open and closed irrigation system.
4.    Consultancy in the field of long-term natural nutrients.
Civil facility services:
Rekaz facility management seeks to establish an integrated and geometrical infrastructure that gather all building’s requirements under one roof to insure a high level of operability and standards, and to insure safety and security.
Facility management (civil engineering):
1.       Provide a trained and experienced professional.
2.       Provide the necessary preliminary materials through effective management.
3.       Provide the necessary tools and equipment.
4.       Abide by sustainability principle through working and managing materials with care and preciseness.
5.       Quality control with the help of specialized engineering team.
Work field:
1.       Ensure the necessary study to re-Activate and operate the damaged constructional element caused by natural factors and surrounding conditions.
2.       Planning the public locations and roads and execute these plans.
3.       Manage and organize green areas and natural sights.
4.       Stadium and Sports halls.
5.       Design fountains and pools.
6.       Present solutions to help senior citizens, children and those with special needs.
7.       Space frame metal roofs.
8.       Aluminum work and carpentry.
9.       Ceramic and granite.
10.   Paint job and surface cracks processing.
Internal sanitary work

Total Project Management

Expertise, Oversight and Total Project Management
Our environmental services specialists know how to employ the best practices and affordable techniques for handling your environmental project in the most responsible manner. Our specialists work with you onsite to develop the best solution to spills, cleanup projects, remediation, recycling and other specialty cleaning and removal activities. As the single point of contact, your Rekaz Global Investment Group's Project Manager delivers these solutions from our network of recycling, transportation and disposal facilities and personnel.
From simple industrial cleaning jobs and waste management services to emergency response, let your assigned Rekaz Global Investment Group's Project Manager manage risk and reduce your liability. We stand behind our work with Rekaz Global Investment Group's written, iron-clad Certificate of Assurance and Indemnification. If there's ever an incident, clean-up or liability that arises while your waste is in our control, Rekaz Global Investment Group will take care of it.

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